Transactions Flow

  • We will send you some messages by email after you won.
  • Please fill out your information on order form firstly because we are store account.
  • Please fill out the order form within 2 days after you won.
  • If there is no payment or contact after one week, our deal will be canceled as a customer request In that case, your feedback will be left as “BAD”.

◆Purchasing More Than Two

Please fill out the order form of all items that you won.
Otherwise we can’t make an arrangement of shipping.
※Shipping cost is usually charged on each items.

◆Combine Shipping

Some items such as fragile are not available to ship with other items.
We confirm whether the combine shipping is possible or not.
The total with shipping cost will be emailed afterward.

◆Can Not Choose The Carriers

Large/expensive items will be shipped by Seino Transportation.

Putting The Item Aside

Holding period is 8 days including the successful bid day.

※Please Note※
A storage fee of 100 JPY per day will occur from the 8th day onwards.
We do not operate during non-business hours.
Please confirm our business hours on our calendar before making an inquiry.


◆Payment Method

There are three options for the payment.

【1】 銀行振り込み Bank Transfer
【2】 かんたん決済 Kantan Kessai
【3】 代金引換 Cash On Delivery

◆Consumption Tax

There is consumption tax on all our items.

【Item Price + Consumption Tax】+【Shipping Cost】【COD:Handling Fee】=【Total Amount】

◆Bank Transfer

Please make payment arrangement to bank account that we mentioned.
We will email you about the payment after you filled out order form.
There's a possibility to change the shipping cost, please wait the payment till you receive email from us.

  • Need some additional charges for OKINAWA and other Island in Japan.
  • As for the combine shipping, the shipping cost will be changed. So please wait the payment till we update it.
  • There are their own bank accounts for each shops. We cannot confirm the payment immediately if you pay to other shops. Please do confirm the bank account before payment.
  • The charges shall be borne by the customers.

◆Bank Account For Transfer : For Customer Who Purchase Directly

Bank name
Account Number
Account Holder
Japan Net Ginkou
Honten Eigyoubu (001)
5572569 テラダ ミノル
Terada Minoru
Yuki Shinyou Kinko
0074748 ユ)トラストキカク
Yu)Trust Kikaku

◆Cash On Delivery

It is not available to ship the item that is over 500,000 JPY by COD.

◆Delivery Slip & Receipt

We do not issue a delivery slip.
As for the receipt, it is possible to issue it for customers who make the payment through bank transfer or "Kantan Kessai".
But please let us know in advance that you need receipt.
We will put the customer's name, cost, proviso, and date on it.
The receipt will be shipped with items that you purchased. We do not agree to ship them separately.
As for the COD, receipt will come with shipping label from shipping companies.

About Shipping


Orders for which customers have completed the order forms and made the payment (includes COD)
will have shipping arrangements made on the next business day.
Except for : Some large items and items held at other warehouses.
Please contact us before making your purchase if you'd like to know more details.
Shipping companies don't deliver on their non-business days. We do not ship items on our non-business days or holidays.
It is not available to arrange the arriving date during busy season or disasters.

◆Shipping Company

There are 3 options, Seino Transport, Sagawa Express, and Japan Post.
We will pick the shipping company depending on what we send.
If you have a specific company that you want your item to be shipped by, please comment on note column. (We might not be able to meet your request.)

◆Shipping of Engine/Transmission/Large Items

We can only ship to a company address. A private address is not acceptable.
 For customers who don't have the company address, we can ship to Seino office that is near you and you can pick the item there, or ship to the workshop that is installing the parts.
 The company name should be filled out on order form. Otherwise we can't make shipping arrangements.
Deliver With Pallet
 We must confirm that you have a forklift or another way to unload the pallet beforehand.
 Confirmation is required for all shipments.
 We are not responsible for any accidents or injures sustained while unloading.
※Please Note※
As for picking the items up to shipping company office, please check the delivery states by yourself.
The shipping company does not provide contacting service for the items. We will send you the tracking number once done the shipment.

◆Shipping Cost

There is a shipping table on item pages. (Shipping cost of Sagawa and Seino is same price.)
Additional charges for OKINAWA and other Island in Japan will be required.
Shipping cost will be charged for each items when you purchase more than two.
It is possible to request combined shipping if you contact us in advance. But, some items are not available for combined shipping.
The shipping cost includes the cost of handling.

◆Scheduled Delivery

We do our best, but please note, that the shipping company may not agree to your request.

Seino Transportation It is not possible to specify a delivery time.

However scheduling a delivery date is available. (Only on weekdays)
Sagawa Express It is possible to specify a delivery date and time.
Japan Post ・Yu-Pack (COD):It is possible to specify a delivery date and time.

・Letter Pack & Non-standard Mail:Scheduling a delivery date and time is not available.

※Please Note※ We do not agree to insure the package that shipped by non-standard mail.

◆Combine Shipping

※There is a possibility to change the shipping company in order to ship some items together.

In that case, we may not agree the delivery schedule that you want.

Please contact us in advance if you would like us to ship items together.
Some items, such as those marked "fragile" are not available to ship with other items. Please confirm before you purchase.
We can make combined shipping arrangements even if you purchase some items at other shops. (You will need to use the same ID.)

※Please Note※
Our dealing period is 7 days after you purchase. If the period will be over, we can not agree the combined shipping.
Please fill out the order form for all items that you won.
If you do not tell us in advance that you'd like to ship some items together, we do not accept combined shipping.
Please comment it on note column, and the item IDs and titles are required as well.

Some items such as fragile are not available to ship with other items. But in case that we ship them as your request, we do not insure the items even if they are lost or broken during the delivery.
As for the combined shipping, the package size or weight will be changed, and there's a possibility to change the shipping cost, please wait the payment till you receive email from us.

※Please Note※
Combined Shipping :Payment by "Kantan Kessai"
The item price is fixed by Yahoo system, so please change the shipping cost (add the balance of the cost) and make the payment.
Or it would be fine that making payment for item and shipping cost on each items.


Packing with a cardboard box
Hood, trunk, fender, radiator, suspension, drive shaft, caliper rotors, and
some parts will be shipped with a box in order to protect from any damages during the delivery.


Packing with bubble wrap
Some parts such as a bumper, muffler, seat, and other small parts will shipped with bubble wrap.


Deliver With Pallet/Tire & Wheels Shipping
・Engine, transmission, and heavy parts will be shipped with a pallet.
・As for tire and wheels set, the shipping cost is charged on each pieces.


Delivery man will leave the attempted delivery notice if you are not in home.
Please contact to the shipping company and make re-delivery arrangements by yourself.
We will cancel the deal if the package returned to us due to holding period is passed.
In that case, we do not agree the package re-shipping.
※Please Note※
If you will be out at home for a while or the package will be a dead letter,
we will charge the successful bid fee and all postage for sending and receiving the package.
Your feedback will be left as "Negative", and we will add you to our black list. It is not possible to purchase our items anymore.

Picking Up

Our business hours : AM10:00~PM4:30
Please let us know in advance what date you come to pick up.
  It is the system that you couldn't go forward if you don’t choose this column.
  Please fill out to the note column what date and time you come.
It is available to pay in advance or making payment when you come to pick the item up.


◆ What is "Yacchimattaze" warranty?

◆Reliable & Safe Warranty

When you found the item is not compatible with your car after you received it.
When you made damage to customer's parts and can't give it back.
When you tried to install it, but it was not suitable.

We are the only one who can provide this warranty!

◆ Yacchimattaze Warranty Refund Amount

【Refund Amount】 = 【Item Price】 + 【Consumption Tax】-【Bank Transfer Fee For Refund】

After Sale Service

◆Warranty Coverage

We accept the returned item only that is "under warranty".

Please contact us immediately if the item is under the following.

◆Problem With The Item

The wrong item arrived
The item condition was definitely different from the item on our page.
The item does not work
  ※Replacement item:If we have same item in the same condition, we will send you it once we received returned item.
  ※We will issue a refund if there is no replacement item to send.
※Please confirm the condition within 3 days after the item arrived.

Please contact us within the warranty period. We will address the issue as soon as we can.

Return Condition
  Please return the item as same condition when it has arrived. (All package is also required.)
  ※Please send the item to us within 3 days after you contact us.
  ※We do not agree your return when you lost some parts or thrown it away.
  ※Please let us know the shipping company and the tracking number once you shipped the item.

【The Item With Problem : Total Refund】= Item Price + Postage + Consumption Tax + Bank Transfer Fee

◆ Not Covered By Warranty

Beyond our warranty period.
We do not cover the cost that is occurred at workshop. (For installing or some parts)
The item that is junk or the item page says that we do not accept returns.
If you adjust on the item such as plating, painting or adjusting the harnesses.
Part of the item is missing. (Including manuals)
The part is overworked after being fitted such as driven in circuit, rally or modifying the engine.
The item that you have adjusted.
The item that we cannot confirm the parts inside are ours when we dismantle it.

Cancel Request

◆Bid Retractions

Please contact us during business hours. (10:00AM~4:30PM)
Please let us know item number, item title, car model, and your Yahoo ID.
Please contact us through email or phone call.
  (the cancel request from a question page for the auction is not acceptable.)

◆Purchase Restrictions

Whatever the reason, we can not accept your cancel request after you purchase.
Please confirm the item page before purchase.
Negative feedback will be left on your account if you cancel the order after you purchase.
  We will not be able to change the feedback once we left it.


We will leave feedback once we have made shipping arrangements.

If there are any problems with the item, please contact us before leaving any feedback.
We will address this issue shortly.

For customer who do not want us to leave feedback
※Please let us know in advance that you do not require feedback from us.
※Please mention this in the note column of the order form.
※It is not possible to cancel our feedback after we leave.

Business Day

◆Business Hours

Business Hours : 10:00AM~4:30PM

We are unavailable to take your call or read your email during non-business hours,
so please make sure to check our business hours before you purchase.


How do I fill out an order form?

There is 「メッセージを投稿する」 on the item page. Click the button and send your name, address, and phone number from there.

My email from Trust Kikaku has not arrived.

Please check your email settings. There is a possibility that our email went into your spam folder.

I purchased 2 items. Is it ok to fill out just one order form?

If you purchased 2 or more items, please fill out all order forms for all items that you purchased.

How much is the shipping cost if I purchased 2 or more items?

Please fill out the item ID and item title on the note column of the order form. (We will send you an email about the shipping cost after we confirm it.)

We are a shop and want to get discount on your items.

We are afraid that we do not accept such requests.
But if you are able to purchase more than 30 items or over 1,000,000 JPY per month, we can add you to our client list.
In that case, we will give you a discount for our items (except for some parts).

Could you cancel my bid?

Yes, we can. Please contact us during business hours (10:00AM - 4:30PM).
We do not operate during non-business hours.

I can not find the item that I saw yesterday. Why?

Some customers purchase our items by phone. In that case, we remove the item from our page.

The item is sold as a set, but I want to get one part.

We are afraid that we do not sell our items separately.

I want to visit your shop and see the item.

No problem, you can.
But our items are packed and held at our warehouse. Please unpack it by yourself and re-pack it after you confirm the item.
Please let us know the item number, item name, and car model in advance before you visit.

I would like to pick up the item that I purchased.

It is possible during business hours (10:00AM~4:30PM).
Please let us know your name, contact number, and when you visit us.
You need to come by our shop with a big car when you pick up any large item.

I want an item that there is no listing of Yahoo auction.

Please contact us by email or phone.
We will provide it if we have any in stock.

I sent the wrong amount to your bank. What should I do?

If there is a shortage, please send it to our bank.
We will not make shipping arrangements till we can confirm it.

Do you ship overseas?

Yes! We have English staff and provide worldwide service.
But some parts are not available for international shipping.
Please contact our overseas department listed below if you would like to know more details.
(Please fill out item ID, qty, and shipping address.)

Can I pay the shipping cost when the item arrives? What is the difference between it and COD?

Yes, you can pay the shipping cost at the time of delivery. In that case, the shipping cost may be different from our shipping table.
「Cash On Delivery」
   Cash on delivery (COD) is a type of transaction in which the recipient makes payment for a good, shipping cost, and COD fee at the time of delivery.
   We recommend it for people who need the item urgently.
「Cash On Delivery For Postage」
   It is a type of transaction in which the recipient makes payment for shipping cost at the time of delivery.
   It is required to make payment for the item in advance.
   In the case of this shipping method, the postage may be different from our shipping table.

I made the payment a week ago, but the item has not arrived yet.

There is a possibility of some troubles.
Please feel free to contact us if you wonder something. We will work on it immediately.

I cannot confirm the delivery states on the website of the shipping company.

The tracking will be updated on the evening or the next day of shipping.

I want you to install the item I purchased to my car.

Of course, we can. Please contact us. (If it takes few days, we can lend a car to you.)

How much is the cost for installing?

We mentioned it below. (The cost may be changed depending on the car condition.)

Trust Kikaku Store Information

Company Name Trust Kikaku Co.,Ltd.
CEO Terada Minoru
Address 1624, Minaba, Shimotsuma-shi, Ibaraki
Contact Information TEL:0296-30-6330
(Overseas) : +81(0)296-30-6330
Necessary Charges Except For Item Price Shipping cost, COD fee, and consumption tax

Yahoo Auction NINJA Branch
Trust Kikaku Co.,Ltd.
1624, Minaba, Shimotsuma-shi, Ibaraki